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Lecale Brewery is situated in the historical fishing village of Ardglass on the east coast of County Down. The brewery endeavours to bring you the best in traditional Irish brewing using the finest malts and tastiest hops along with the crystal clear Lecale water that sources from the famous Mourne Mountains. We are always trying new beer recipes and follow innovations in craft beer to blend our expertise in traditional craft brewing.
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Lecale Beers

Lecale Whiteknight Lager

White Knight Lager is made with the best of barley and Vienna malt and has a sharp crisp flavour.

Lecale White Knight Irish Lager
Between the Mourne Mountains and Strangford Lough lies the barony of Lecale renowned for its many medieval castles and early churches. Lecale, meaning ‘Cathal’s Half’, derives from a 6th Century Gaelic prince of the local Dál Fiatach dynasty. The ‘White knight’ was Sir John de Courcy, an Anglo-Norman, who in 1177 dressed in white and riding a white horse, led his men into the ‘Battle of Downpatrick’ destroying the Dál Fiatach

Legbiter Ale is made with the best of barley and Vienna malt and has a unique taste of its own.

Lecale Legbiter Ale

The ominous sight of Viking sails first appeared off the coast of Down in 795 AD when these Nordic seafarers made Strangford Lough their base. In 1103, outside Downpatrick, King Magnus Barelegs fought with his famous sword ‘Legbiter’ until mortally wounded; the hallowed sword was taken back to Norway. The Vikings left their mark on Lecale with place names like Strangford from the Old Norse Strangr-fjörðr, meaning 'strong sea-inlet' and Guns Island meaning ‘battle island.’ 

Lecale Three Saints Stout

This traditional Irish stout is made with roasted barley and chocolate malt and has a warm charm of its own.

Lecale Three Saints Irish Stout
Lecale is where Saint Patrick began his mission to convert Ireland to Christianity, building his first ‘barn’ church at Saul. The word for barn in Irish was Sabhall from which we get the anglicised word Saul. His grave lies on the hill of Down Cathedral in Downpatrick alongside Saints Brigid and Columcille.  On the original tomb was inscribed the verse,
‘In Down Three Saints one grave do fill, 
Patrick, Brigid and Columcille.’

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